Study on Relationship Between Age and Coffee Preference: Application to Specialty Coffee Association Brewing Control Chart

Joy Xue
2019 Coffee and Cocoa Research Journal  
The Specialty Coffee Association Brewing Control chart has been used for the past 50 years, and is intended to assist the coffee brewer by stating the brew ratio and TDS (total dissolved solids) value needed to brew an "ideal" cup of coffee. Since coffee is a common and popular beverage that is consumed among populations ranging from children to elders, the objective of this study was to find out whether taste preferences in coffee vary based on age and whether these preferences match the
more » ... ces match the current brewing control chart standard. Data collected in this study was based on a taste test with 32 total participants selected randomly. Of these participants, 10 fell into the 10-19 years old age range, 5 in the 20-29 range, 4 in the 30-39 range, 7 in the 40-49 range, and 6 in the 50-59 range. Based on the data from these respondents, no obvious trend between age range and coffee preference was observed; but, this is subject to change with larger sample sizes.Overall taste preferences, however, do generally fit the current standard ideal range on the coffee brewing control chart.
doi:10.22302/iccri.jur.pelitaperkebunan.v35i2.381 fatcat:w56tvzvvsjbyncxmmzyhdpoes4