To Study the Formulation of Niosome of Ofloxacin and Its Evaluation for Efficacy of Anti-Microbial Activity

Alok Kumar Srivastav, Priyanka Das
2014 International Journal of Innovative Research in Science Engineering and Technology  
Nanotechnology has offered enormous improvement in field of therapeutics by means of designing of nano-carriers that can cross biological barriers and are able to target cellular reservoirs. The aim of the present investigation was to formulate and evaluate Niosomes, a synthetic microscopic non-ionic surfactant vesicles formed on the admixture of a non-ionic surfactant, cholesterol and phosphate with subsequent hydration in aqueous media. The delivery of drugs by "vesicular drug delivery
more » ... rug delivery system" such as niosomes provides several important advantages over conventional drug therapy. Ofloxacin was selected as a suitable drug for the present study because it is a potent secondgeneration fluoroquinolone active against a broad range of gram positive and gram-negative aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. In the present investigation three formulations of Niosomal drug delivery system of ofloxacin with non ionic surfactant, span 60, in various proportions were prepared and evaluated for Morphological characterization, Encapsulation efficiency, In-vitro drug release study. The Ofloxacin niosomes were prepared by lipid film hydration method. The prepared ofloxacin niosomes showed a vesicle size of 100-300 nm, the entrapment efficiency was 78.4%. The partition coefficient value of ofloxacin was found to be 0.5. Indication: For the treatment of infections such as respiratory tract, kidney, skin, soft tissue, urinary tract infection, urethral and cervical gonorrhoea. Melting Point: Ofloxacin melts at 270 degree C to 273 degree C [1] Solubility: Ofloxacin is freely soluble in PBS and acetic acid, slightly soluble in water, methanol, ethanol or acetone. The octanol/water partition coefficient for ofloxacin was reported to be -0.48 by [2] Appearance: Ofloxacin occurs as a pale yellow or bright yellow crystalline powder, and with a bitter taste [3] Storage: Ofloxacin should be stored at 40ºc in the dark to minimise photolytically induced degradation [4] Pharmacology: Ofloxacin is a quinolone antibiotic. Ofloxacin is bacterial and its mode of action depends on blocking of bacterial DNA replication by binding itself to an enzyme called DNA gyrase, which allows the untwisting required to replicate one DNA double helix into two. Mechanism of Action: Ofloxacin acts on DNA gyrase, an enzyme which, like human topoisomerase, prevents the excessive supercoiling of DNA during replication or transcription.
doi:10.15680/ijirset.2014.0312028 fatcat:a622vpcg7nbmrbv4isibsemaye