Female Teachers'Life expectancy: the Predictive Role of Emotion Seeking and Life expectancy

Shabani Eftekhar, Seadatee Aboutaleb
This article examines the relationship between Emotion seeking and life expectancy compared with the life expectancy in Tehran among high school teachers. A sample of 033 students chosen by multi-cluster random sampling has participated in this study. In order to collect the data in this study, a life expectancy questionnaire, life hope questionnaire, and emotion seeking questionnaire were used. Data analysis involved both descriptive and inferential statistics including mean, standard
more » ... , standard deviation, Pearson's correlation coefficient and multi stage regression analysis. Findings of the study revealed that Emotion seeking, life expectancy and life quality can significantly predict life expectancy. Among 7 subscalesofemotion seeking, 3 subscales (total emotion seeking, variety seeking, and get ridness and life expectancy and motivation in life expectancy variable have significant impact on life expectancy. Finally, all the factors predicted latent variables significantly. Positive emotion seeking helps teachers to increase their life expectancy.