Comparative review of disk type and unconventional transverse flux machines - performance analysis

2021 Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences  
Transverse flux machines (TFM) can be designed as high pole numbers, so they are very useful in direct-drive 4 systems with high torque density. Although many TFM models have been proposed to date, no detailed classification 5 and comparison has been made before. Conventional TFMs have a high power and torque density, but low power factors 6 and high cogging torques have prevented them from being widely used. However, especially with the new disk type 7 TFMs proposed in recent years and the
more » ... ods developed, these drawbacks have been reduced. In this paper, the 8 TFMs proposed in recent years have been classified and their performance in terms of power factor, cogging torque, 9 torque density and efficiency has been examined. According to the results of this review, the performances of the new 10 generation TFMs are competitive. Especially double-sided disk type TFMs are seen as an important topology with their 11 high magnet utilization and flexibility in design. 12
doi:10.3906/elk-2007-3 fatcat:haijif4agjcztctjzfqib7rz2y