Concurrent Phenologies of Three Semiaquatic Bugs (Heteroptera: Gerridae, Veliidae) on a Small River in Central Illinois, USA

Steven J. Taylor
2009 Psyche: A Journal of Entomology  
The phenology of three species of Gerroidea (Heteroptera),Metrobates hesperiusUhler (Gerridae),Rhagovelia orianderParshley (Veliidae), andRhematobates tenuipesMeinert (Gerridae), was studied on a river in central Illinois (USA).Metrobates hesperiuswas the most abundant species, and was active from mid-May through mid-October. It was bivoltine and overwintered as eggs. Matinig and oviposition ofM. hesperiuswere observed in mid-July.Rhagovelia orianderwas present from mid-May to mid-November.
more » ... o mid-November. This species was bivoltine (or possibly trivoltine), overwintering as eggs.Rheumatobates tenuipeswas not active until early August, and was present to mid-November and was univoltine. It overwinters as adults and possibly as nymphs, and may undergo an extended early season diapause. The three species occupied differing microhabitats and differed in periods of peak abundance, withM. hesperiusbeing most abundant from mid-May through the first of August, andR. tenuipesbeing most abundant from early August to mid-November.
doi:10.1155/2009/562471 fatcat:tqg6mro2o5f4fgcpt4rnhxdy6e