Duhring's Atlas of Skin Diseases Atlas of Skin Diseases . Part III. By Louis A. Duhring, M. D., Professor of Skin Diseases in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; Physician to the Dispensary for Skin Diseases, Philadelphia, etc. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1878

1878 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Part III. of this admirable work is now ready for distribution. Extraordinary care has been taken, as we know, by its author to insure not only excellence in the artistic quality of the work, but also that each plate shall be delivered to the public in a perfect condition ; and this has been accomplished by his personal scrutiny at every stage of the process. Few can truly appreciate the labor and expense bestowed by Dr. Duhring upon this publication ; but the profession should express its
more » ... ld express its encouragement of such work by a wide subscription. It is improbable that opportunity for obtaining such faithful illustrations of skin diseases will soon occur again. We cannot add much to what we have already expressed in our notice of previous parts 2 concerning the scientific character of the Atlas. In the present part the drawing is as good, the coloring even better, we think, than before. The cases, eczema (squamosum), syphiloderma (erythematosum), purpura (simplex), and syphiloderma (papulosum et pustulosum), are most judiciously selected, and the descriptive text, we need hardly say, is excellent. The whole is highly creditable to the author and to American dermatology.
doi:10.1056/nejm187805090981905 fatcat:cfleptfg2vdefncwm6nq2ral7i