Characterization of Newly Developed Wheat/Barley Introgression Lines in Respect of Aluminium Tolerance

Eva Darko, Beáta Barnabás, Márta Molnár-Láng
2012 American Journal of Plant Sciences  
The Al tolerance of newly developed wheat/barley disomic addition, substitution and translocation lines carry chromosomes of three different barley cultivars was evaluated by comparing the root growth in solution containing 75 μM AlCl 3 at pH 4.0 to that of known Al-tolerant and sensitive wheat genotypes. The wheat Asakaze komugi, barley Manas cultivars and their hybrid derivatives were found to have high levels of Al tolerance. The wheat line Mv9kr1, barley cultivar Igri and progenies of the
more » ... brids were sensitive to Al. In most cases, the Al tolerance of the wheat/barley introgression lines derived from Al-sensitive wheat Mv9kr1 and barley Betzes with moderate Al tolerance was similar to that of the wheat parents, but the 2DS.2DL-1HS translocation line of Mv9kr1/Betzes exhibited more intensive root growth, while accumulating less Al than the parental lines. This indicates that either the lack of the distal part of chromosome 2DL or the presence of the distal part of 1HS improved the Al tolerance level.
doi:10.4236/ajps.2012.310176 fatcat:c2lzu7gzcjgpxkym6gt7ojqxi4