Humanisasi-Inklusifisasi Pendidikan Islam Dalam Konteks Multikulturalisme

sholahuddin sholahuddin
2005 Keuangan Islam dan Peran Kesejahteraan  
Afier the fall of Soeharto regime, educational academic discourses colored the humanif^tion and pluralistic^stem. The pluralistic and humanir^ation educational^stem are necessary to enhance the democratic state and empower civil society from state intervention. In this case, Is lamic educational ystem should be grow and changedfrom the normative and emphasit^e on the tranferring knowledgefrom teacher to student to more than thai. Theparticipation ofstudent in terms of Islamic educational ystem
more » ... educational ystem is the new construction of that. With student'sparticipation the relationship between teacher and student become more egaliter and equal This paper tries to critid^Islamic educational ystem within the Islamic institution like, Madrasah, Pesantren and many others. Actualty the writer will emphasis^how to apply humanistic values in the sense of Islamic educational system, such us, inclusivism, tolerance, trust and many others. Tinally, the ivriter emphasises the important ofinter-religious education in term ofIslamic education.
doi:10.20885/millah.vol5.iss1.art8 fatcat:hbe7cvgl4nemzkzkrkcwrzpu5a