COVID-19 Spread Faster with Air-Conditioning-Systems [post]

Maher Al-Baghdadi
2020 unpublished
Droplets and aerosolized viral particles expelling from the body through coughing or sneezing and it is spreading to nearby surroundings. CFD model has been developed to simulate the air flow and the transport and dispersion of the aerosolized viral particles and fine droplets suspended in the air particles through the office. The study presents two cases involving the spreading limits and pathways of the aerosolized viral particles and fine droplets suspended in the air in a place; without and
more » ... place; without and with air conditioning unit. The results showed that the use of air conditioning systems can increase the chances of spreading COVID-19 virus infection. The air-conditioning unit recirculates the same air inside a room, and this has the potential to create a virus-laden environment. Air circulation indoors such as using air conditioning units should be avoided in closed places. Existing ventilation systems should be expanded to include extraction and air filtration systems and/or germicidal, ultraviolet light. Also, opening a window can help bring in fresh air from the outside and disperse stale air inside, and that could help reduce the possibility of the spread of the virus particles in the closed place. Lastly, crowds of people in closed public places should be avoided.
doi:10.32545/encyclopedia202008.0005.v1 fatcat:pdixewtuyfg35iem5jqjxleqeq