Silver Nanoweapons: A novel Tool against Multidrug Resistant Bacteria

Hussam Arafat, Mohammed El-Sayed, A. Askora
2016 Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia  
Antibacterial activities of Ag-NPs have received much attention due to their effective killing and cost-effectiveness. Biosynthesis is an attractive and eco-friendly method to produce silver nanoparticles (Ag-NPs). Ag-NPs are considered a promising tool to overcome the emergence of multi-drug resistant bacteria. In this study, bio-synthesis of Ag-NPs was attempted using plant extracts of peppermint. Characterization of Ag-NPs was achieved by UV-visible spectrophotometer and TEM. Monodispersed
more » ... EM. Monodispersed Ag-NPs were obtained with different sizes ranged from 6 to 88 nm. Antibacterial activities of Ag-NPs against pathogenic bacteria were evaluated using disc diffusion method. Our results indicated that Gram positive bacteria were more susceptible than Gram negative. The current study offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly method for biosynthesis of potent bactericidal Ag-NPs and their use against human pathogenic bacteria.
doi:10.13005/bbra/2009 fatcat:wssopz2vqzcnpnvbwp432tlnj4