W. F. Ganong
1906 School Science and Mathematics  
Mass. Most of us can remember when plant physiology was a study only for the favored student in a European university. To-day its elements are taught throughout the countr}^-in the schools. The interval has been marked by an effort so to simplify its appliances and methods that even a child may use them. The spirit of the movement is admirable, but its results are not wholly fortunate, mainly because it has been carried too far. For this extreme of simplification has too often produced
more » ... n produced appliances so crude as to encourage slovenliness of hand and mind, methods so slipshod as to inculcate wholly wrong ideas of the nature of scientific work, and results so illogically grounded that it is only the badness of our teaching which saves us from having our own students point out their fallacy. Most of us concerned with this
doi:10.1111/j.1949-8594.1906.tb00971.x fatcat:b4kijjkvjrfx3g6go3orqkn4eq