An unbiased template of the Drosophila brain and ventral nerve cord [article]

John A Bogovic, Hideo Otsuna, Larissa Heinrich, Masayoshi Ito, Jennifer Jeter, Geoffrey W Meissner, Aljoscha Nern, Jennifer Colonell, Oz Malkesman, Kei Ito, Stephan Saalfeld
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
The fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster is an important model organism for neuroscience with a wide array of genetic tools that enable the mapping of individuals neurons and neural subtypes. Brain templates are essential for comparative biological studies because they enable analyzing many individuals in a common reference space. Several central brain templates exist for Drosophila, but every one is either biased, uses sub-optimal tissue preparation, is imaged at low resolution, or does not
more » ... t for artifacts. No publicly available Drosophila ventral nerve cord template currently exists. In this work, we created high-resolution templates of the Drosophila brain and ventral nerve cord using the best-available technologies for imaging, artifact correction, stitching, and template construction using groupwise registration. We evaluated our central brain template against the four most competitive, publicly available brain templates and demonstrate that ours enables more accurate registration with fewer local deformations in shorter time.
doi:10.1101/376384 fatcat:cqj5wg7s5fbvzo56obyrzwnkmq