Curious Art

1846 Scientific American  
erent metals by fusing some metalic substance effected by laying the paper on a table, a nd holding upon them, is called soldering. It is a general rule , a double convex lens (a common s un-glass) over it, that the solder should be easier of fusion than the and then placing a mirror over the lens, in an oblimetal to be soldered by it. It is, in the next place, que position, so as to face partly towards the object desirable, though seldom absolutely necessary, nor that is to be represented. The
more » ... be represented. The rays of light, p�salways attempted, that the solder and the metal to ing from the object to the mirror, will be reflected which it is intended to be applied, should be of the downward through the lens, and produce the likesa'tne color, and of the same ilegree of hardness1and BllcK NUMBERS WANTED,-We shall send copies ness ol'the obJ ' ect in full colors on tbe paper. This malleability. <Df this number to sev eral of our former patrons for experiment may be easily made in lhe evenin!!:, by d
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08201846-2a fatcat:vdnt7eebknhuvdtbperkolvhem