Hydrothermally Altered and Fractured Granite Hosting Rare Metal at Gabal Adara Adatalob, South Eastern Desert, Egypt

Hassan Abd El Razek Aly Shahin
2014 Earth Sciences  
Gabal Adara Adatalob granite in the south Eastern Desert, Egypt represents a promising example for hydrothermally altered and fractured granite hosting rare metals and rare earths mineralization. This granite host or act as a source for the rare metals (Zr, Y, Nb, Yb and Ga) and rare earths (La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, and Yb) mineralization. It forms isolated pluton crop out in the wadi Ed Direira area. It shows highly alteration and a strong enrichment in some rare metals and rare earths contents (Zr
more » ... earths contents (Zr = 1434, Y = 629, Nb = 258, Ga =39, La = 262.18, Ce = 546, Pr = 71.91, Nd = 366.88, Sm = 101. 46, Yb = 8.12 ppm). Field radiometric measurements for this granite revealed that low uranium and thorium content. The radioactivity level reaches up to 10.1 ppm (eU), 24.2 ppm (eTh) respectively. The chondrite normalized rare earth elements, trends indicate strongly fractioned rare earth element pattern with significant strong enrichment in light rare earth elements rather than heavy rare earth elements.
doi:10.11648/j.earth.s.2014030601.11 fatcat:bna436dkc5gjhix724p2xscpha