Characteristic Analysis of Fractional-Order 4D Hyperchaotic Memristive Circuit

Jun Mou, Kehui Sun, Huihai Wang, Jingya Ruan
2017 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Dynamical behaviors of the 4D hyperchaotic memristive circuit are analyzed with the system parameter. Based on the definitions of fractional-order differential and Adomian decomposition algorithm, the numerical solution of fractional-order 4D hyperchaotic memristive circuit is investigated. The distribution of stable and unstable regions of the fractional-order 4D hyperchaotic memristive circuit is determined, and dynamical characteristics are studied by phase portraits, Lyapunov exponents
more » ... unov exponents spectrum, and bifurcation diagram. Complexities are calculated by employing the spectral entropy (SE) algorithm and C0 algorithm. Complexity results are consistent with that of the bifurcation diagrams, and this means that complexity can also reflect the dynamic characteristics of a chaotic system. Results of this paper provide a theoretical and experimental basis for the application of fractional-order 4D hyperchaotic memristive circuit in the field of encryption and secure communication.
doi:10.1155/2017/2313768 fatcat:fwsdpx2crrdk3bw3pm6xchne3u