1910 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
1. Boas separates this condition into two divisions according to its etiology: The exogenous type, which is caused by the ingestion of air through " cribbing " and rapid eating, the cure of which is obvious; and the endogenous type, caused by alimentary disturbances, chief among which arc constipation and intestinal decomposition. The cure for this is careful regulation of the bowels and diet. 2. Wohlgemulh reviews the present method of diagnosing pancreatic disease by means of Sahli's
more » ... of Sahli's gelatincovered gluten capsule, Schmidt's muscle ball, the Cammidge reaction and the examination of the stool for trypsin. The author has carried on some animal and human
doi:10.1056/nejm191002171620720 fatcat:2wewddm4vnga5kxzfvpk2jmg5m