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1907 Scientific American  
People living in sparsely-settled or frontier regions, and who are denied many of the luxuries of modern civilization, would profit by studying the simple but ingenious expedients which went to make up the civili zation of the ancients. One of the readers of the SOIEN TIFIO AMERICAN, in the gold regions .of Alaska, has thus profited by his acquaintance with ancient hydrau-RAISING WATER WITH A SEESAW PUMP. lics. Mr. J. M. Weldon is a placer miner, and in his work requires some means of raising
more » ... means of raising water for wash ing the gold-bearing gravel. At the Forty-Mile River, where Mr. Weldon is conducting his operations, it is
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03091907-215b fatcat:xylx25qffng7bc4yuqk6wkc7ay