A Closed loop Single Stage Single Phase Bidirectional Buck-Boost Inverter (SSBBI)

P Sarvesh, L Sriram, Ch Phaneendra
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
This paper presents a closed loop control strategy for the operation of a single phase single stage bidirectional buck boost inverter.The boosting and inversion functions in a single power conversion stage based on buck boost inverter. The boosting is achieved by high frequency switching is about 20khz and inversion is done by fundamental switching frequency of 50hz.The single stage non-isolated inverter topology is more attractive features such as high efficiency, lower cost, less total
more » ... , less total harmonic distortion and reduced number of components. Analysis and Simulation results are presented to validate the performance of the proposed inverter topology. Index Terms:-Closed loop buck boost inverter, single stage buck boost inverter.