Doubly heavy tetraquark resonances in lattice QCD

Pedro Bicudo, Marco Cardoso, Antje Peters, Martin Pflaumer, Marc Wagner
2019 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
We use lattice QCD to investigate the spectrum of thebbud four-quark system with quantum numbers IðJ P Þ ¼ 0ð1 þ Þ. We use five different gauge-link ensembles with 2 þ 1 flavors of domain-wall fermions, including one at the physical pion mass, and treat the heavyb quark within the framework of lattice nonrelativistic QCD. Our work improves upon previous similar computations by considering in addition to local four-quark interpolators also nonlocal two-meson interpolators and by performing a
more » ... by performing a Lüscher analysis to extrapolate our results to infinite volume. We obtain a binding energy of ð−128 AE 24 AE 10Þ MeV, corresponding to the mass ð10476 AE 24 AE 10Þ MeV, which confirms the existence of abbud tetraquark that is stable with respect to the strong and electromagnetic interactions.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1137/1/012039 fatcat:h3uv4aiwvjhjdejfgrtnwyshea