An Overview of Geothermal Energy Production in Germencik, Turkey [chapter]

Kaan Yamanturk, Cihan Dogruoz
2020 Renewable Energy [Working Title]  
As it is known, the utilization and production of renewable energy resources are very important in recent years. Due to its geological structural formations, Turkey has a serious geothermal energy potential as a renewable energy resource comparing with the other countries. West side of Turkey has also a critical role to use the geothermal energy resources. In these fields, geothermal is mostly used in electricity generation, greenhouse heating and locational requirements. The components while
more » ... components while producing the geothermal water from wells such as heating pumps, re-injection pipes and other equipment are also significant. In this study, coefficient of performance (COP) utilizing in heat pumps has been investigated and the new approach to find out the parameter has been identified. Based on COP equation, the formula of COP has been re-coded on Dev C++ compiler by using C++ computer language in order to focus on the importance of computer aided applications in geothermal energy sector. There are no more studies showing the COP with C++ codes in literature. On the other hand, Germencik region, in the west side of Turkey, has been evaluated and the production processes by Guris Construction and Engineering Co. Inc. have been explained in the study. Moreover, the potential of Turkey has also been mentioned in this study. The aim of the study is to examine the Germencik region geothermal energy potential and to improve the coefficient of performance by using C++ in heat pumps. The result of this study shows us the Germencik region has an important potential and the computer aided technologies can also be adapted easily into the processes while producing geothermal energy.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.94253 fatcat:vjvebwkjsvbgzpdjstqlpaqgty