1862 Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers  
571 of the most beautiful draughtsmen of his day. He was also a first-rate surveyor, with skill in measuring, and with knowledge of the value of artificers' work; he was likewise a good land-surveyor, and he thoroughly understood the legal part of his profession. EIis industry, rapidity, exactness, contempt of money, and capability of sustaining longcontinued mental and bodily fatigue, were remarkable. As an instance, it may be mentioned, that he could in one day make up the fair abstracts of
more » ... fair abstracts of the accounts of Greenwich Hospital, which occupied two of the best and hardest working clerks to copy in the same time. The beauty of his drawings attracted the attention of Sir John Some and of Mr. John Shaw. At one period he worked for twenty hours a day for three weeks, only taking tv;o hours' sleep daily. The soundness of his judgment, his determination and energy, his fearlessness and the tenderness of his heart, and his integrity, were apparent to all who knew him, He was a keen sportsman, excelled in athletic exercises, and was a tolerable musician. A close
doi:10.1680/imotp.1862.23424 fatcat:qpzuwilgjfaydikagsqd5kofpi