Study of Flow Rate Measurements Derived from Temperature Profiles of an Emulated Well by a Laboratory Prototype

Werbet Silva, Verivan Lima, Diego Fonseca, Andrés Salazar, Carla Maitelli, German Echaiz E.
2019 Sensors  
The objective of this work is the study of the procedure for flow rate measurement derived from temperature profiles. This method is deemed appropriate because of the inability to mount conventional flow meters in multiple-zone oil wells. In this work, a reduced-scale prototype well with horizontal geometry was developed to study and validate a method of flow profiling by temperature measurements in the well column based on a heat transfer mathematical model studied by Ramey in 1962. Flow
more » ... in 1962. Flow sensors were installed at key points to provide validation data for the flow measurements derived from the temperature. The plant was automated and all the tests were managed from a workstation. It was possible to test different situations to provide a variability of evaluation scenarios. The initial experiments used injected fluid flow rates of 15 and 18 L/min in the well inlet. The results of the calculated flow values in different work conditions were compared with a relatively low error reference meter.
doi:10.3390/s19071498 fatcat:ro4x3w6sbfbhpik7czq6eckvs4