The actual truth about different procedures of DNA and its extractions processes

Alaa H Al-Darraji
2020 International Journal of Advanced Biochemistry Research  
There are specific chemical experimental tests using so widely over the world for characterizing different molecules. In this study, two classes of these tests has used for identifying two moieties: amine (as secondary amine) and pentose sugar (as deoxy ribose). Thirty DNA samples were hydrolyzed by concentrated hydrochloric acid to make pH of the medium = 0.3-0.8, then they were tested by above known laboratory tests; Hinsberg, Diazonium, Molisch, Benedict, Barfoed, Bial, Unsaturated test by
more » ... pper acetate tests. These tests are so known in them roles showing amine moieties (primary, secondary or tertiary) and sugar molecules with its different classes. DNA samples have primary, secondary and tertiary amine and they have pentoses as deoxy ribose that means they have monosaccharide, aldopentose moieties. Therefore, above tests are specific for these molecules but results of this research show different situation that above tests gave negative results with DNA samples which indicates that DNA samples do not have secondary amine or pentose sugar in them molecules. In addition, FT. IR. Results show same indication as same as this study results. About five years (2014-2019) are duration of this study.
doi:10.33545/26174693.2020.v4.i2a.54 fatcat:qrunrwocp5cb5l23kvua3snaoe