Optimization of experimental parameters for retention of Pb(II) ions from aqueous solution on clay adsorbent

Bianca Azanfire, Dumitru Bulgariu, Lăcrămioara Nemeş, Laura Bulgariu
2020 Technium  
The removal of Pb(II) ions is an important issue for the treatment of industrial wastewater, due to its serious consequences on environment and human health. In this study a local clay material was tested as adsorbent for the retention of Pb(II) ions from aqueous solution. The proposed method can be considered low-cost, mainly due to the high availability of clay material in this region, and the high removal percent of Pb(II) ions (> 99%) allows us to say that this method has a high efficiency.
more » ... a high efficiency. Therefore, the finding of the optimal values of the most important experimental parameters which affects the efficiency of Pb(II) ions adsorption on clay adsorbent, represent the next important step in highlighting the practical applicability of this process. The most important experimental parameters, including initial solution pH,adsorbent dose, initial Pb(II) ions concentration, contact time and temperature, were analyzed in batch systems. The obtained experimental results indicates that the efficiency of adsorptionprocess is highest at initial solution pH of 7.0, 4.0 g adsorbent/L, 5 min of contact time and high temperature (50 C). Under these conditions, the removal percent of Pb(II) ions is over 99 % over the initial concentration range between 20 and 310 mg Pb(II)/L. The results of this study suggest that this clay material is an excellent adsorbent for Pb(II) ions removal and broadens the potential applicability of these materials in environmental remediation.
doi:10.47577/technium.v2i1.40 fatcat:ykta4cisnbd2bn2j5yqxse6gwu