Construct validity, sensitivity and specificity of the USCD Performance-based Skill Assessment 2 in a mixed Portuguese sample [post]

Carolina da Motta, Célia Barreto Carvalho, Paula Castilho, Michele Pato
2019 unpublished
This study explores the psychometric properties of the Portuguese USCD Performance-based Skill Assessment 2 (UPSA-2-PT) in a mixed sample or Portuguese participants. Inter-rater Reliability and internal consistency, convergent validity with community integration are described. A Receiver Operating Curve analysis establishes the sensitivity and specificity of scores, and an optimal cutoff value of functional capacity was established for the Portuguese population. These findings show an excellent
more » ... s show an excellent the UPSA-2-PT integrity when compared to with previous studies carried out in Western countries. Thus, this is a useful tool for research and clinical purposes to practitioners in several fields that rely on functional assessment.<br>
doi:10.31124/advance.8067641.v1 fatcat:hrorwdzmw5hbhkb4kkwo3f5ofq