Феномен Креолізованого Тексту: Актуальна Проблема Сучасних Лінгвістичних Досліджень

Завадська Олена Віталіївна
2016 Zenodo  
Thematic justification of the study is based on the increase of the significance of creolized texts in information corpus of the society; the aim is to analyse the role of creolized texts in promotion of communication effectiveness; the tasks are: 1) to study the approaches to definitions of creolized texts; 2) to identify the forms of creolized texts; 3) to research the role of creolized texts in arranging various types of texts; 4) to find out the functions of creolized texts. Resulting from
more » ... ts. Resulting from the research, it has been found that creolized texts are polycode texts in which elements of different semiotic systems are used; creolized texts are classified according to different criteria; creolized texts play varying degrees of roles in arranging various types of texts. Basic general functions of creolized texts are informative, attractive, expressive, and aesthetic. Particular functions of creo-lized texts are symbolic, illustrative, argumentative, euphemistic, characterological, satirical, and the function of image making.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.49222 fatcat:kkpdknpaznfjfc4r6vnoxyhw7q