Dynamics of Particle in a Box in Time Varying Potential Due to Chirped Laser Pulse

Brijender Dahiya, Vinod Prasad
2010 Journal of Modern Physics  
We describe a computational method for simulating the time dependent quantum mechanical system interacting with external field. In this method the Schrödinger equation is solved by expanding the wave function in the basis set of unperturbed Hamiltonian. The expansion yields a set of coupled first order differential equation. For expansion coefficients, the coupled channel method is applied to a particle in a box interacting with external field in the form of chirped laser pulse. The pulse shape
more » ... se. The pulse shape is taken as Gaussian. We study the effect of different pulse parameters i.e. chirp rate, intensity, center frequency, box length and laser duration on the dynamics of the particle. Many interesting results are obtained and explained.
doi:10.4236/jmp.2010.16053 fatcat:332zbtyv3zbkrkb3fy6btqbxv4