Effects of Macro-components and Sucrose in the Medium on in vitro Red-color Pigmentation in Dionaea muscipula Ellis and Drosera spathulata Laill

Sayuri ICHIISHI, Toshiharu NAGAMITSU, Yusuke KONDO, Tsukasa IWASHINA, Katsuhiko KONDO, Norikazu TAGASHIRA
1999 Plant Biotechnology  
Effects of the five macro-components and sucrose in half strength MS (1/2 MS) agar medium on red -color pigmentation were studied in the plant bodies of Dionaea muscipula and Drosera spathulata generated from multiple shoots in vitro. In 1/2 MS agar medium modified with 10.31 mM NH4NO3 and 9.40 mM KNO3 and supplemented with 0.75 or 0% sucrose the subcultured plants continuously proliferated by multiple shoots and generated large, green-colored plants, while with dilution of those nitrogen
more » ... hose nitrogen components and increase of sucrose to 1.5% the red-color anthocyanin pigmentation spread from the glands or glandular hairs to the entire leaves and the plant sizes and dry weight decreased in inverse proportion to the depth of red color. The anthocyanin pigments of Dionaea muscipula consisted of delphinidin 3-0-glucoside which was new to the species and cyanidin 3-0-glucoside (chrysanthemin), and those of Drosera spathulata, studied here for the first time, consisted of cyanidin 3,5-di-0-glucoside (cyanin), cyanidin 3-0-galactoside (idaein), cyanidin 3-0-glucoside, pelargonidin 3-0galactoside, and pelargonidin 3-0-glucoside (callistephin).
doi:10.5511/plantbiotechnology.16.235 fatcat:fdiyejomwja5fcbahel6prahha