Two New Records of Scolecid Polychaetes (Annelida: Polychaeta: Scolecida) in Korean Fauna

Hyun Ki Choi, Jong Guk Kim, Seong Myeong Yoon
2016 Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity  
Two new records of scolecid polychaetes, Praxillella pacifica Berkeley, 1929 and Naineris dendritica (Kinberg, 1867), collected from Korean waters are reported here with descriptions and illustrations. Praxillella pacifica can be distinguished from its congeners by the number of asetigerous segments on the posterior region of the body and features of the anal cone and neuropodial spines on setigers 2 and 3. Naineris dendritica is distinguishable from its relatives by the morphology of thoracic
more » ... hology of thoracic neuropodial lobes and the thoracic uncini at the inferior position. In the present paper, keys to Praxillella and Naineris species from Korean waters were also provided.
doi:10.5635/ased.2016.32.4.039 fatcat:prnawzw3cvg53aei72qglgjrjy