Social Media, Violent Extremism, Conflict and Terrorism in Nigeria

Fredrick Wilson, Edmond Lemdi, Justin Wilson
2019 Zenodo  
The increasing rate of violent extremism, conflict and terrorism has become a major challenge for many societies today. The fact that human lives and fundamental human rights are threatened by the growth of the phenomena which make the issue more complex and affront to peace. As records of destruction of lives and properties constantly appreciate, the popular narrative points at the adoption and use of social media as key contributory factors propelling violent extremism, conflict and
more » ... flict and terrorism. Since it has been established that terrorism, conflict and violent extremism are intertwined and cannot exist and thrive independently and that social media creates a firm platform for them to be firmly grounded globally. This paper explored the nexus between the concept of social media, violent extremism, conflict and terrorism highlighting the role of the mass media in the discourse. The paper traced historically how these terms have pose a threat globally to security with a closer look on the Nigerian sovereign entity in particular.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2572301 fatcat:b5mc5u2qkzhctckzwwbgtes7iu