Analisis Ekonomis Penggunaan Tepung Kulit Durian Fermentasi dalam Konsentrat untuk Kambing Perah

E. Sulistyowati, I. Badarina, S. Mujiharjo, R. Mariska, E. Khoirul
2020 Jurnal Sain Peternakan Indonesia  
ABTRACT The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of giving diet with concentrates containing durian peel flour fermented with Pleurotus ostreotus on the income from milk over feed or Milk Income over Feed Cost (MIOFC), Benefit / Cost (B / C), and Break Even Point (BEP) in dairy goats. The treatments were diets with concentrate containing KDF or fermented durian peel flour, namely KDFO: diets with concentrate containing 0% fermented durian peel flour + 30% rice bran, KDFA:
more » ... n, KDFA: concentrate containing 5% fermented durian peel flour + 25% rice bran, KDFB: concentrate containing 10% fermented durian peel flour + 20% rice bran, KDFC: concentrate containing 20% fermented durian peel flour + 10% rice bran. This treatment was applied using a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) 4 x 4, there were 16 lactation dairy goats. This research was conducted at the dairy goat farm of Lembaga Pengembangan Pertanian Baptis (LPPB) in Bengkulu Tengah Regency, Bengkulu Province. Diets with KDFA, 5% fermented durian peel flour and 25% rice bran in lactating dairy goats produced high milk production of 1.56 l / head / day with high MIOFC value of Rp. 17,648.20 / head / day, compared to 10% and 20% KDF treatment. The B / C value was 0.63 while the BEP value was 0.75.
doi:10.31186/ fatcat:mkzvwfgskvcl3g4ljnwjnf2wv4