Investigating Effective Obstacles on Iranian Women Entrepreneurship

Sozan Alvandi
2015 unpublished
Entrepreneurship is rapidly expanding and women's entrepreneurship particular topic of interest around the world. Economic activities of women in the world and their orientation towards entrepreneurial activity for several reasons, including unemployment, income, low wages and lack of job satisfaction. Women's entrepreneurship and community development plays an important role in women's authority. In many societies and cultures, including our country, women have increasingly turned to
more » ... turned to entrepreneurship, but despite this era of women entrepreneurship has always been faced with many obstacles. Statistics show that less than 10% of entrepreneurs are women in Iran and various factors prevent growth potential in the era of women's entrepreneurship. In this article we have tried to identify and review obstacles to women's entrepreneurship in Iran. In order to identify obstacles and constraints has been the first to examine the meaning of entrepreneurship, so the consequence of empirical research on the topic suggests that using information and results of all studies conducted and the characteristics of the obstacles women entrepreneurs to overall results and influencing entrepreneurship of women in Iran reached and then to offer suggestions and solutions.