Bovine β-casein: Detection of two single nucleotide polymorphisms by bidirectional allele specific polymerase chain reaction (BAS-PCR) and monitoring of their variation

Stefania Chessa, Omar Bulgari, Attilio Rossoni, Gabriella Ceriotti, Anna Maria Caroli
2013 Open Journal of Animal Sciences  
Due to the functional importance of bovine milk protein polymorphisms, their correct discrimination is of great interest both from a scientific and practical point of view. Nowadays a large number of commercial platforms are available for semi-automated or fully automated SNP genotyping. However, in some cases the use of simple and rather cheap methods is an effective tool to be implemented within one's own laboratory for the routine analysis of a specific SNP. The present paper describes two
more » ... per describes two simple tests based on the bidirectional allele-specific polymerase chain reaction (BAS-PCR) developed for the identification of β-casein (CSN2) B and I genetic variants. The practical application of the two methods on a panel of 84 Italian Brown bulls and 100 Italian Friesian cows is also discussed, including the biological significance of the two genetic variants and the importance of taking their occurrence into account when linkage analyses are performed on milk functional properties. A combined system for analysing milk protein variants by isoelectrofocusing (IEF) and the BAS-PCR assay developed for CSN2*I is described.
doi:10.4236/ojas.2013.31005 fatcat:mgtmnoduefb5bll236okrk76ie