Implementasi Sistem Informasi Prediksi Hasil Penjualan Perangkat Komputer Menggunakan Metode Double Exponential Smoothing

Nurul Adha Oktarini Saputri, Nurul Huda
Prediction is an activity to predict a situation that will occur in the future by passing tests in the past. One way to get sales information in the future is to make sales forecasting. This sales forecast uses the Double Exponential Smoothing method because this method predicts by smoothing or smoothing past data by taking an average of several years to estimate the value of the coming year and this method uses the time series method. The results of this study are the right sales prediction
more » ... sales prediction information system, in order to determine the existing inventory of goods in accordance with the demand (demand) so that there is no overstock or lack of inventory in the future
doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2253 fatcat:ez2esjicsbafbpteq2sniynchm