Rhodococcus equi pneumonia in patients with AIDS
Pneumonia a Rhodococcus equi em doentes com SIDA

J Henriques, M André, F Santiago, C Pardal, M Abecassis, J Pina
Acta Médica Portuguesa  
Rhodococus equi infection is frequent in animals, but rare in humans. It usually appears as an opportunistic infection, occurring in clinical settings where a compromise of cellular immunity exists, such as in leukemia, neoplastic or transplanted patients. It is currently considered, as another opportunistic AIDS infection. Sixty six cases of Rhodococus equi pneumonia have been published until March 1996. The differential diagnosis includes TB and Staphyloccocal Pneumonia and is generally an
more » ... ection which is difficult to treat, often resistant to Betalactamic drugs. Therapeutic options include an association of intracellular active antibiotics. The authors report the first Rhodococus equi pneumonia diagnosed in their Hospital and discuss the main difficulties in the diagnostic and therapeutic approach.
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