Imam Safi'i, Yeni Witdianti, Wini Tarmini, Prima Gusti Yanti
2020 Retorika  
This article reports on the results of a R &D study on standard evaluation instruments used to measure students' higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) in Indonesian Language textbooks for the tenth-grade students registered in the academic year of 2019/2020. A qualitative approach to data collection and data analysis was employed. The identification of the research object was carried out by coding various data about the diversity of standard evaluation instruments of HOTS by examining the
more » ... nal words used and the form of competency measured. The data were analyzed with regard to the level of tendency towards the measurement of certain aspects of thinking. Based on the findings of the research, it can be seen that HOTS contained in Indonesian textbooks class X are already diverse; however, the percentage of diversity is not yet proportional. The aspects include creative thinking (28.3%), critical thinking (37.2%), problem solving (18.6%), and decision making (15.9%) of all evaluation instruments analyzed. A less proportional percentage of each of these aspects shows that the utilization of HOTS standard evaluation instrument development criteria has not been maximally pursued.
doi:10.26858/retorika.v13i2.13694 fatcat:2smcknnfznhobcu5zmvy2wuydu