The future is present in the past: A meta-analysis on the longitudinal associations of parent-adolescent relationships with peer and romantic relationships [post]

Susanne Schulz, Stefanie Nelemans, Hana Hadiwijaya, Theo Klimstra, Elisabetta Crocetti, Susan Branje, Wim Meeus
2021 unpublished
Positive peer and romantic relationships are crucial for adolescents' positive adjustment and relationships with parents lay the foundation for these relationships. This longitudinal meta-analysis examined how supportive and negative parent-adolescent relationships continue into later peer and romantic relationships. Multilevel meta-regressions based on 81 longitudinal studies (559 effect sizes, including 49,769 participants) indicated that supportive and negative parent-adolescent
more » ... were associated with supportive and negative future peer and romantic relationships. Meta-analytic structural equation modeling based on 48 studies (48 effect sizes, including 14,969 participants) indicated that supportive parent-adolescent relationships unidirectionally predicted supportive and negative future peer relationships, while negative parent-adolescent relationships were bidirectionally associated with supportive and negative peer relationships. Our findings highlight the importance of relationships with parents beyond childhood.
doi:10.31234/ fatcat:nqvwgjai7fbehlhsn2rfwbrgru