Transcranial focusing of arbitrary ultrasonic fields using acoustic holograms

Sergio Jiménez-Gambín, Noé Jiménez, Jose M. Benlloch, Francisco Camarena
2019 Proceedings of the ICA congress  
We present ultrasonic phase plates that are able to produce arbitrary field distributions, i.e., acoustic holograms, inside the skull. Using 3D printing techniques, we are able to produce lenses that correct the aberrations of the skull and, simultaneously, produce ultrasonic fields whose spatial distribution fits a target organ at the central nervous system. In particular, using experimental techniques on a human skull phantom and full-wave simulations, several configurations are tested.
more » ... s are tested. First, a multiple-point focusing lens is designed to simultaneously focus at both human hippocampi. Second, a beam following an arbitrary curved trajectory, i.e., a self-bending beam is presented. Finally, we report a holographic plate producing a broad focus that overlaps with the left hippocampus. The results show that 3D printed holographic lenses can be used to control the spatial features of ultrasonic beams inside the skull in an unprecedent manner using single-element ultrasonic sources.
doi:10.18154/rwth-conv-239379 fatcat:zutdzam5izbqxmtrojyqdc56vy