Crustacea Malacostraca. Tr. by H.M. Kyle [book]

H. J. Hansen
1908 unpublished
It will be useful to iutroduce the treatment of this sub-class with a discussion of various points of importance. The investigations of the «Ingolf» extended over the eastern part of the seas along the west coast of Greenland from a point a little north of the polar circle to about 58°N. L., two degrees south of Cape Farewell, from there in a north-easterl)-direction towards Iceland, the waters round this island and between Iceland and the Fseroes, lastly eastwards to a line drawn almost due
more » ... drawn almost due north from the Fteroes to Jan Mayen. It goes without saying that all the material brought home by the <;Ingolfs is included in the following pages, but I have also thought it right to include all the material which other Danish expeditions, special zoologists or others not experts (officers of the navy or officials in our northern dependency) have collected at Greenland, Iceland and the Faeroes, and which is preserved in the Copenhagen Museum ; further, I have included the species given in the literature as having been taken within the region mentioned and which are not represented in our Museum, at least from those areas. The waters included are thus the Davis Straits, Baffins Bay and the narrower seas north of this to as near the pole as the Alert and (Discovery reached, the seas south of Greenland to ca. 58°N. L., those along the east coast of Greenland to ca. 75°N. h., the waters west of a Hue from the Fseroes northwards to 68°N. L., 6 2/,°W . L. and from there to Jan Mayen (at ca. 71°N. L., 8^W . L.), the waters south and south-west of Iceland to ca. 60°and the sea south and south-west of the Fseroes likewise to about 60^N. L. This work contains all that is known concerning the Malacostraca in the region thus circumscribed, both what our Museum and the literature can show.
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