Stability Analysis of the Entry in a New Mining Approach Influenced by Roof Fracture Position

Jun Yang, Hongyu Wang, Yajun Wang, Binhui Liu, Shilin Hou, Yu Cheng
2019 Sustainability  
Non-coal pillar mining with roadway formed automatically (RFANM) is a new mining approach, which demonstrates revolutionary significance because it does not require making roadway before mining and coal pillar retaining. In order to explore the stability of the surrounding rock structure in RFANM, the deformation of the surrounding rock was theoretically analyzed and simulated based on three different fracture positions of the main roof. It was concluded that reasonable control of temporary
more » ... ol of temporary support strength in roadway is of great importance to control the deformation of the entry. The deformation process of surrounding rock under different fracture positions in RFANM was simulated by using the Universal Discrete Element Code (UDEC). The results of the numerical simulation showed that the main roof was fractured at the solid coal side or gob side; the deformation of the roadway was small. The fracture condition of the main roof at the gob side required a higher effect of roof slitting or temporary support from the roadway. Through drilling and peeping at the retained roadway, it was judged that the main roof was broken inside the coal wall. Field monitoring results revealed that the deformation of the roadway can be effectively controlled.
doi:10.3390/su11226349 fatcat:znq6plkb3nbnjoy4kjhmajd5ii