Umwelt, KVP & DTD : Interactions entre Connaissances (K), Valeurs (V), Pratiques (P) & Délai de Transposition Didactique

Pierre Clément
2019 Educação Matemática Pesquisa Revista do Programa de Estudos Pós-Graduados em Educação Matemática  
Three concepts that structure my research in Didactics of Biology can also express convergence with the ATD. The umwelt: each living being constructs itself while constructing its world (its umwelt), in an eminently social context for human beings. KVP interactions between knowledge (K), values (V) and social practices (P): possible links with certain dimensions of the praxeological approach, but with more emphasis on values (V); Analysis of the different steps of didactic transposition;
more » ... ansposition; Comparison of the conceptions of teachers in thirty countries (notion of system of conceptions). The Didactic Transposition Delay (DTD) separates the emergence of new scientific knowledge from its insertion in programs, textbooks or in the teachers' conceptions.
doi:10.23925/1983-3156.2019v21i4p018-035 fatcat:c75ouekblja2daftiefbqb46ii