Study on the Limiting Oxygen Index of Curtain Exposed to High Temperature

Hwang-Jin Kim
2018 Fire science and engineering  
Curtains are used for shading in windows. Since most curtains are made of flammable materials and are installed vertically, curtains can be an important factor in fire spreading. Accordingly, it is important to predict fire behaviors in studies on the combustion characteristics of flammable interior decorations, such as curtains. In this study, to analyze the combustion characteristics of six kinds of curtains, which are widely used interior decorations, the oxygen index was measured at room
more » ... measured at room temperature and higher temperature. As a result of the experiment, the oxygen index at higher temperature of all specimens was about 3%~7.5% lower than that at room temperature and difference of 0.2% of oxygen index show big differences in combustion phenomenon of specimens. Therefore, when flame retardancy is evaluated with the oxygen index value of flammable interior decorations, the oxygen index value at higher temperature should be sufficiently considered.
doi:10.7731/kifse.2018.32.5.001 fatcat:qclrd6x2c5frzoqlyigbr5ah3e