Standardizing Thin-Film Rotating Disk Electrode Measurements of the Oxygen Reduction Activity of Pt/C

Y. Garsany, J. Ge, J. St-Pierre, R. Rocheleau, K. Swider-Lyons
2013 ECS Transactions  
Rotating disk electrode voltammetry has been touted as a simple means for benchmarking the oxygen reduction activity of platinum-based catalysts in proton exchange membrane fuel cells. The RDE methodology is still highly variable across laboratories, and due to differences in experimental conditions, up to 2.5x differences in mass activities are reported in recent literature from the same catalyst. We demonstrate an RDE protocol, and show that it can be replicated in two different laboratories.
more » ... erent laboratories. Uniform RDE methodology should be developed so that advanced catalysts can be compared between laboratories.
doi:10.1149/05801.0003ecst fatcat:mb6dfnsupvgjrmzngqszfygoaq