Experimental Study on Hybrid Power Combining Animal Energy and Human Energy for Minor Irrigation System

Sharad Kumar Chandrakar, Manish Kumar Dudey, Amit Soni, Gaurav Pal, Ram Chandrakar, Pukhraj Kumar, Sahu, Ssgi Bhilai1
Journal of Agroecology and Natural Resource Management Print   unpublished
In this paper a hybrid power system combining animal power and human power is experimentally studied to supply continuous power for minor irrigation. The animal power is used as main energy source while the human power system is used as secondary or backup energy source. This invention provides animal powered and human powered mechanical device for prime mover to electric generator. Human and animal energy in form of high-torque low-speed can be converted into low-torque high-speed through
more » ... -speed through speed increaser to energize the electric generator. The results show that even when the animal power is not available; the system is reliable and available and it can supply high-quality power to the water pump by the human power system.