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Director Announces Official Program Which Begins Friday " W e're all set," said Roy Bedichek, director of the Univer sity Interscholastic League, on the eve of registration which be gins Thursday at 2 :3 0 o'clock in Gregory Gym for visiting high school contestants who will meet today until Saturday. The visiting participants and their coaches will register, through their sponsor, at the League In formation Desk and be assigned to lodgings for Thursday and Friday nights. An announcem ent in the
more » ... of ficial program w arns delegates not to offer to pay for lodgings assigned by the League officials. These are furnished free of charge. Students who come in late will register at the same place either F riday m orning a t 7 or Saturday a t 8 o'clock. Competition opens Friday m orn ing and continues through S atu r day afternoon when tennis, track and field finals will be held. Qneact playfe will also continue into Saturday afternoon. L iterary finals which are not completed See LEAGUES, Page 4 * Pre-Flights to Enter Physical Fitness Activity E.R.C. J itte rs Dispelled as Tower Chimes Ring You7/ M e e t A ll Kinds of People1 Ex-Private Says The strains o f " Y ou're In the A rm y N ow ," " A m erica th e B eau tiful," and other w ell-know n tun es flo a ted down from the Tow er chimes at IO o 'clock W ednesday, " W atching men meet the Army is one of the main attractions at Many men who lived long disj »" Army reception center," re-1 ports ex-Private Jones, who has near future. For days the men w ent by the registrar's office to to tell over-anxious Army Enlist-j ask futilely about their orders, ed Reserve Corps men th a t their orders had been received^ by the . U nces from the University were . ;.eturn0(1 (rom th at t0 University a registrar. The order read, . . . will unable to R0 home> o th ers crowd-j Hfe « It ig a cross-section of
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