Language Contact in Social Context: Kinship Terms and Kinship Relations of the Mrkovići in Southern Montenegro

Maria S. Morozova
2019 Journal of Language Contact  
The purpose of this article is to study the linguistic evidence of Slavic-Albanian language contact in the kinship terminology of the Mrkovići, a Muslim Slavic-speaking group in southern Montenegro, and to demonstrate how it refers to the social context and the kind of contact situation. The material for this study was collected during fieldwork conducted from 2012 to 2015 in the villages of the Mrkovići area. Kinship terminology of the Mrkovići dialect is compared with that of bcms, Albanian,
more » ... of bcms, Albanian, and the other Balkan languages and dialects. Particular attention is given to the items borrowed from Albanian and Ottoman Turkish, and to the structural borrowing from Albanian. Information presented in the article will be of interest to linguists and anthropologists who investigate kinship terminologies in the world's languages or do their research in the field of Balkan studies with particular attention to Slavic-Albanian contact and bilingualism.
doi:10.1163/19552629-01202003 fatcat:yfrm3tdbvzgntd7m4h364v3pve