Acceptance of suffering and death due to cancer in the religions of the world

Dorota Szpytma, Patrycja Nowak, Anna Obuchowska, Marcin Stanisław Rząca, Paweł Węgorowski
2019 Journal of Education, Health and Sport  
Cancer undoubtedly occurs in human life as unwanted. Finding yourself in a situation of cancer, it generates a series of thoughts, events that result in the need to confront the new reality. The sense of threat to life makes a person changes the mode of operation and a hierarchy of important things for him. Polish proverb "when in fear, God is near" aptly interprets human behavior in a difficult situation. Often, in such a situation a person is looking for support in religion, religion often
more » ... ins to have a new meaning for the patient, while being the source of the sense of safety. Thanks to it, religion can shape the patient's level of hope. As the result the patient can better cope with the difficulties to give peace and balance of spirit, certainly needed to overcome the disease and persist in it. The aim of the study was the location of the phenomenon of death and suffering of cancer in the context of cancer. Conclusions: 1.Majority of religions of the world see suffering as an important part of the way of life, which can provide a relief for those suffering from cancer. 2.Most of the major religions of the world present the vision of the immortal soul, which gives hope to the dying people, that life does not end, but it will last, but in a different form. 3.Atheism, as well as low levels of religiosity may increase the fear of death and impede acceptance of suffering. 76 4. Developing knowledge by medical staff about the religion should be their good practice, allowing them to better understand and support patients.
doi:10.12775/jehs.2019.09.12.008 fatcat:akuu7wrphzgfxjixq43afypxnu