Fundamental Study of Interpolation Processing in 360 Degree Acquisition in Myocardial SPECT

Shota Nakama, Takashi Yamanaga, Takao Ichida
2019 Shinzo kaku igaku  
和文抄録 心筋血流 single photon emission computed tomography(SPECT)の収集法には 180 度収集と 360 度収集がある。しかし、 180 度収集では歪みが生じ、360 度収集では 180 度収集と同じステップ角度だと倍の時間を要する。今回、収集角度の大きな 360 度収集(投影数 32)の投影像間を B-spline 補間にて補い、通常の収集角度で収集した 360 度収集(投影数 64)の画像を 比較した結果を、2018 年日本心臓核医学会学術大会にて発表した。本手法を用いることで、画質劣化が少なく、撮像時間が 180 度収集と同等にできる可能性を報告した。 Abstract There are 180 and 360 degree acquisition in method of myocardial single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). However, distortion occurs at 180 degree acquisition, and at the
more » ... same step angle as 180 degree acquisition at 360 degree acquisition, it takes twice. We interpolated the projection images of 360 degree acquisition (32 steps) with large step angle by B-spline interpolation and compared the image with 360 degree acquisition (64 steps) with normal step angle. By using this method, there is a possibility that image quality degradation is little and imaging time can be made equal to 180 degree acquisition.
doi:10.14951/jsnc.21-002 fatcat:l7ycmwekbjcujlrjj2y5s4s72i