Antimicrobial and antileishmanial activity of essential oil from the leaves of Annona foetida (Annonaceae)

Emmanoel Vilaça Costa, Maria Lúcia Belém Pinheiro, Jefferson Rocha de Andrade Silva, Beatriz Helena Lameiro de Noronha S Maia, Marta Cristina Teixeira Duarte, Ana Cláudia Fernandes Amaral, Gérzia Maria de Carvalho Machado, Leonor Laura Leon
2009 Química Nova  
Recebido em 2/1/08; aceito em 6/8/08; publicado na web em 15/12/08 The essential oil from leaves of Annona foetida obtained by hydrodistillation was analyzed by GC/FID and GC/MS. The results showed that the major constituents were bicyclogermacrene (35.12%), (E)-caryophyllene (14.19%) and α-copaene (8.19%). The antimicrobial and antileishmanial activities were investigated. The oil showed potent antimicrobial activity against Candida albicans and Rhodococcus equi. The oil also showed
more » ... o showed significant antileishmanial activity, giving the best results against Leishmania guyanensis. A preliminary cytotoxicity assay for this oil was carried out on hamster and mice (Balb/c) peritoneal macrophages. The results obtained were similar to pentamidine and considered not to be cytotoxic to macrophages.
doi:10.1590/s0100-40422009000100015 fatcat:bds3nh44ojbtxlxbdeave7mhl4