Standing Waves in Exothermic Systems

P. Gray, W. Kordylewski
1985 Proceedings of the Royal Society A  
The classical problem of th erm al ignition in an infinitely extending reactive slab is revisited. In F ran k -K am en etsk ii's form ulation th e te m p eratu re d istributio n in th e horizontal direction is assum ed uniform and th e critical value of the p aram eter 8 such th a t any excess in 8 leads to therm al ignition is found. A stric t analysis of th e original problem shows th a t an additional statio n ary s ta te exists in the form of a stan d in g wave of reaction. A lthough th e
more » ... n. A lthough th e newly discovered solution is unstable, it plays an im p o rtan t role in determ ining th e critical local d isturbance of th e tem p eratu re field necessary to lead to th erm al ignition.
doi:10.1098/rspa.1985.0035 fatcat:tr57pm4p3vfdtmnuldwby7r27e